If using fresh peas then you can boil along with potatoes in cooker. Also prep rest of the ingredients. These are available in every Indian household pantry. I will share the aloo matar dry recipe soon. Mix well and cook for 1 minute and oil will start to ooze out. Also can be had as a side dish with dal tadka & jeera rice. There are many versions of making aloo matar e.g. Follow all the above instructions in the saute mode. This Aloo Gajar Matar stir fry has been a staple in my home growing up. Now add a teaspoon of oil to the cauliflower and toss well to coat. It makes the recipe … To make this recipe, the spice powders are easily available in the Indian kitchen. I have pressure cooked the potatoes for 2 whistles. Don't forget to check out Step-by-Step photo instructions and helpful Tips & Tricks !! You can also make this aloo matar ki sabji in a pressure cooker. Aloo Matar can me made dry (without adding any water) or with gravy (with water). And I have used frozen peas, so I cooked them in microwave with a tablespoon of water for 4-5 minutes. It … Hi, I'm Kanan Patel. I share vegetarian recipes from India & around the World. Once the veggies are cooked and the mixture is totally dry, then add salt, garam masala powder and dry mango powder (amchur powder). I must Thank You because of your recipes, I have started cooking at very late age of my life and I found it to be relishing and great joy. Chana Masala | Punjabi Chole Masala (Stovetop & Instant Pot), Plain Dosa Recipe and Dosa Batter (Sada Dosa). Saute for 7 to 8 minutes. If using fresh peas then you can boil along with potatoes in cooker. this is a quick and easy vegetarian dish made with potatoes and peas cooked in a mildly spicy tomato gravy. Keep aside. To begin making the Aloo Matar Sabzi Recipe, prep all the ingredients and keep aside. This Dry aloo matar sabji goes well with bread, phulkas or even pooris. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Heat oil in a pan. Most welcome. Paal poli recipe. Aloo Matar Recipe. Spicy chicken curry recipe. 11) Lastly add chopped coriander leaves . This is a simple, wholesome North Indian curry is perfect when served with hot chapatis (Indian flatbread) or parathas (pan-fried Indian flatbread). dry aloo matar recipe with step by step pictures. This is so delicious! Back home, we have it with rotis and plain curd. You can pair it with Puri, chapati, parantha, and even bread. Like our videos? Your email address will not be published. Thanks Leslie for the feedback. If you made this recipe, please be sure to rate it in the recipe card below. To make it indulging, serve with poori. Once hot add cumin seeds and the let them sizzle. Serve dry aloo matar sabzi hot or warm with phulka, puri or even bread. Add the rest of the gram flour (besan), which is 1/2 tbsp. Like this Recipe?Pin it Now to Remember it Later. I have never been liking frozen peas until I found that Costco has organic frozen peas. Usually, I make recipes as written the first time I make them, and decide what changes I will make on subsequent uses. 7: Cover the pan tightly and let the baby potatoes and peas simmer for about 20 to 25 minutes. Its a very light dish because it has no onion/tomato masala and thats what I really like about it – the flavors come through from the spices themselves. 5) Mix in tomatoes and sprinkle some salt. Thank you! Mix well so masala is coated to potatoes and cook till all the water dries out. of ways to make aloo matar… Here Are 7 Easy Indian Dry Aloo Recipes That You Must Try: (Also Read: 5 Iconic Aloo Snacks From All Over India You Can Make At Home Today!) It may take 3-4 minutes. This punjabi style dry curry is perfect for a delicious weeknight dinner. Pinterest Arrange the cauliflower in the air … Ingredients: (Serves – 3-4) Potato – 2 medium; Frozen or Fresh Peas – ¾ cup; Oil – 3 Tbsp; Jeera – ½ tsp; Onion – 1 small It is best to use fresh green peas. Aloo and matar, their combo is always good. By the way for my readers who do not know – in Hindi, Aloo is potatoes and matar is peas… . Once the potatoes and peas are cooked and the mixture is totally dry. sookhi aloo matar ki sabzi makes for a delicious side dish for chapati. Aloo gobi matar recipe | Punjabi dry aloo gobi matar recipe I used boiled potatoes in this recipe to cut short the cooking process. Heat oil in a pan. I also love aloo matar dry sabzi and this one is also easy to make. Rinse the green peas as well. As a blogger, if you you want to adapt this recipe or make a youtube video, then please write the recipe in your own words and give a clickable link back to the recipe on this url. Stir for a minute. Aloo Matar ki sabji is an alluring North Indian recipe, made up of potatoes and peas, cooked with aromatic Indian spice with tempering and sautéing of dry spices. This is no onion no garlic aloo matar recipe. Like most Indian dishes there are hundreds (thousands?) Cover tightly and simmer the veggies for 20-25 minutes or till done. 9:  Garnish the sabji with coriander leaves. This combination is also used as stuffing with paratha, samosa, kachori. Boiled potatoes can be taken for this recipe but we recommend you to take normal potatoes and then cook them along with gobi and mutter. I also have a professional background in cooking & baking. They have best quality peas I have ever tried when it comes to frozen. Slightly spiced up with the use of ginger, green chili, red chilies, and garam masala powder, this spicy stir fry is mostly on my weekly menu. Making dry aloo matar recipe: Heat the oil in a pan on medium heat. Learn how to make recipe of Aloo Matar gravy using potatoes and green peas. Gutti vankaya fry – Andhra style stuffed brinjal fry recipe. Heat the oil in a wok over medium heat. Please do not copy. 9) Add boiled, cubed potatoes and peas along with ¼ cup of water. Stir in the onions, ginger garlic paste, and bay leaf. About ¼ or ⅓ cup. All our content & photos are copyright protected. If you'd like more delicious Indian vegetarian recipes delivered straight to your inbox, Sign Up for my email newsletter. Then add the ground onion … In this way a better flavour of sabzi can be achieved You can try this out at home for lunch or dinner. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. After adding water, cover the cooker with a lid and pressure cook for 2-3 whistles till done. i have shared many potato recipes from the indian cuisine. US measuring cups are used (1 cup = 240 ml). I am vegetarian and especially a potato lover, please share more recipes on potato whenever you come up with new recipes. 3) Heat the oil in a pan on medium heat. * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. 5: Now add red chili powder, coriander powder and cumin powder. I like both but I remember mom always made the one with gravy for dinner so I am sharing the same with you guys today. thanks nishi for the feedback and the rating. Cook … Add ginger, garlic, and cook until the raw smell goes away. 8: Stir and lastly add some chaat masala powder. Twitter Prepare a base of ginger, garlic, and onion: Heat oil and add cumin seeds. Excellent recipe. It may take 3-4 minutes. And I have used frozen peas, so I cooked them in microwave with a tablespoon of water for 4-5 minutes. I was always an advisor for anyone to make changes in recipes and a good taster but with your website and recipes, I have started enjoying making it. Aloo Gobi Matar Masala Dry Recipe Cooking Method 1. Now add ⅓ to ⅔ cup water. Instagram, By Dassana AmitLast Updated: May 13, 2020, .wprm-recipe-rating .wprm-rating-star.wprm-rating-star-full svg * { fill: #E8C32A; }4.67 from 21 votes • 85 Comments. Aloo Gajar Matar - A simple, nutritious, and quick stir fry with potatoes, carrots and green peas. 3: Saute for some 7-8 minutes. Add chopped green chilies and ginger. Want to make it perfect first time? Now add chopped baby potatoes and peas. Aloo Baingan. https://myindiantaste.com/aloo-gajar-matar-dry-potatoes-carrots-peas-curry You can also follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest or Twitter for more vegetarian inspiration. I think the more light food we … Mix well and cook for another minute. 7) Add remaining salt and spice powders (cumin powder, coriander powder, red chili powder, garam masala, amchur powder). Keep their skin intact. Required fields are marked *. The water may dry depending on the size of your pan. salt. Having been cooking for decades and with a professional background in cooking & baking, I help you to make your cooking journey easier with my tried and tested recipes showcased with step by step photos & plenty of tips & suggestions. Take one-third cup of vegetable oil in … YouTube Once hot add cumin seeds and the let them sizzle. I share easy, delicious vegetarian recipes (mostly Indian) and Eggless baking recipes that you can sure count on! My mom made it often as an easy way for the kids to eat carrots. Fry the cumin seeds first. 4) Then add chopped green chili and grated ginger. For instagram mention, https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/potato-recipes-aloo-recipes/. 8) Mix well and cook for 1 minute and oil will start to ooze out. Add chopped green chili & ginger and stir for a minute. !Today I am going to share a quick, easy and delicious lunch recipe which is really quick and easy to make. Add onion and saute until it turns translucent. Now, add the blended tomato puree to this, mix well and cook for 2 minutes. Last Modified: Apr 14, 2020 by Kanan Patel / 6 Comments. This North Indian No onion no garlic recipe is mildly spiced, a bit tangy and flavorful. Aloo Gobi Matar Masala is a dry Indian Recipe, sometimes written as Alu Mutter, Mattar Gobi. Add boiled, cubed potatoes and peas along with ¼ cup of water. Whether you make a dry curry or Gravied aloo matar or even when stuffing them in paratha, samosa or kulcha or matar kachori. As I do not get fresh peas here, I have used frozen. Stir again for a minute. thanks so much! Also chop the green chilies and ginger. Hi, I am Dassana. Vegan & Gluten Free! Aloo bhindi  //  Aloo tamatar ki sabzi  //  Aloo tindora  //  Aloo sem ki phali. Add another 1/2 tbsp. Take 2 medium-sized Potatoes and cut them into pieces. 2) Let the potato cool to touch, peel and cut into cubes. Not this one-- I won't change a thing! Your way of presentation is really easy and representing with photographs is really very helping as well sometimes. Chop them into two. Garnish the sabji with chopped coriander leaves. A flavourful combination of potatoes and aubergine cooked in butter along with a hearty melange of spices, this sookhe aloo recipe is an ultimate treat that you just can't resist! 1. Aloo Matar Gobi is a simple, homely sabzi made using fresh peas, cauliflower, and potatoes. of gram flour (besan) and cook for another 1/2 minute. Sign up for my FREE Beginners Guide to Delicious Indian Cooking. This dry aloo matar ki sabzi is a tangy, tasty and mildly spiced dish made with baby potatoes and green peas. this aloo matar ki sabji is a light dish and a forgiving recipe. 1) First boil the potatoes and peas. Cook for 2-3 minutes or till the tomatoes become soft. I have also made some other recipes like: matar paneer pulao, rajasthani gatte ka pulao, Vegetable fried Recipe… For this instant pot aloo matar recipe potatoes are cooked with green peas in an onion tomato masala.I already have a aloo matar recipe on the blog but this in the Instant Pot version.. As the dish is really dry with masala, it is often served with any kind of dal with roti, chapati or rice. If making this dry aloo matar sabji for religious fasting or vrat then use rock salt/sendha namak and avoid adding any ingredient which you don't use for fasting days in your family. If you are a beginner check the video on my … you can find them here – https://www.vegrecipesofindia.com/potato-recipes-aloo-recipes/. Aloo matar gobi is a blend of potatoes (aloo), cauliflower (gobi) and green peas (matar) in an onion-tomato based curry. Nice to hear that your family loved it. Potatoes and peas combination is the most popular combo in North India and loved by all. First crackle the cumin seeds. Cook peas with … Check out other sabzi recipes Serving suggestion: serve this sabzi with phulka roti or paratha. Heat oil in a pot or pressure cooker. one can add various spice powders and make many variations to it and it will taste always good. Men’s Physique Olympia 2020 Callouts and Comparisons; Dry Aloo Matar | Restaurant Style Aloo Mutter Recipe | Potato Peas Curry | Winter Recipe | Ruchi This Dry Aloo matar ki sabji will go well with rotis, parathas or as a side dish with dal rice combo or kadhi-rice combo. Mix well and the add chaat masala powder. Wash the baby potatoes thoroughly. Add remaining salt and spice powders. thanks for this recipe, it turned out great, and my grandma and brother loved it i’m greatly indebted to your blog for showing me the reins when it comes to Indian cooking. Then add chopped green chili and grated ginger. The proportion of the spice powders can be adjusted to suit your preferences. 1: Heat oil in a pan. 10) Mix well so masala is coated to potatoes and cook till all the water dries out. On side serve dal, rice and kachumber to make a complete healthy, balanced meal. This Instant Pot Aloo Matar Recipe i am glad to read your feedback. This Baby Potato Recipe with Green Peas is a tangy, tasty and mildly spiced dry sabji made with baby potatoes and green peas. Heat a tablespoon of ghee or oil in a pressure cooker; add in the cumin seeds and … Aloo Matar Fry Recipe Hey guys!! Dry aloo matar recipe - This is also known as sukha aloo matar. Aloo matar is a recipe from the region of Punjab, which is where most of the popular Indian cuisine in the United States is from– and certainly just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the diverse cultures and cuisines from that part of the world!. Facebook Aj ma ap k lia li ho aloo matar masala recipe .Aloo matar curry recipe .Aloo matar ki Sabzi .Aloo matar ka salan Plz like and share Or subcribes our channel Recommended. If you have made the recipe and liked it then do share the recipe link on facebook, twitter & pinterest. Depending upon your preference you can keep the peels or remove them. In between do check. While serving dry aloo mutter sabzi serve with lime wedges if you prefer. Khara bath recipe. thank you very much harish. Just In. If the water dries up, then add some more water. https://werecipes.com/aloo-cabbage-sabzi-recipe-dry-potato-cabbage Then add chopped green chili and grated ginger. Welcome to Dassana's Veg Recipes. Ginger paste or freshly grated or crushed, *Nutrition information is a rough estimate for 1 serving, Besan ka cheela recipe (Vegetarian Omelette) ». Now, add 1 cup green peas (matar) and 1 tsp. Gluten-free and Vegan. You can make this dish with baby potatoes or regular potatoes. For making this delicious sabzi very basic spice powders are required. Saute for a minute. In between do check and if the water dries up, then add some more water. I have pressure cooked the potatoes for 2 whistles. It can also be served as a side dish with dal-rice combo or kadhi chawal combo. Addition of tomatoes and amchur powder give nice tangy taste to the sabzi. Thanks a lot for the feedback and glad to know that your grandma and brother liked the recipe. Eggless chocolate sugar cookies recipe (cutout cookies). Running the kitchen for decades, I share tried and tested Vegetarian recipes on my food blog since 2009, with a step-by-step photo guide & plenty of tips so that your cooking journey is easier. i do plan to add some more potato recipes, mainly from the world cuisine – ones which i make at home but have not yet updated on the website. I used the same recipe but made it with gravy, adding some more red chilli powder, amchur and garam masala powder to compensate for extra water to make the gravy. About This Recipe. Saute for a minute. Raju gari kodi pulao recipe – restaurant style andhra chicken pulao. Splutter cumin seeds. Punjabi aloo matar gravy, Gujarati aloo matar, aloo matar with coconut gravy and many more. Some people keep the peels and some don’t. Then add the potatoes and peas and stir. also thanks for sharing the variations. Best is to make this with baby potatoes and fresh peas. Then finally add salt, dry mango powder (amchur powder) and garam masala powder. Fry the cumin seeds first. However, my personal preference is to use baby potatoes. https://www.padhuskitchen.com/2010/05/aloo-matar-recipe.html This recipe is a much loved and liked recipe of mine. If you are new to cooking try making this easy, instant authentic sabji and surprise your folks. I make this dry baby potato peas sabzi – known as Sukha aloo matar often. Your email address will not be published. Once hot add cumin seeds and the let them sizzle. Let the potato cool to touch, peel and cut into cubes. 6) Cook for 2-3 minutes or till the tomatoes become soft. Potatoes are used in tons of Indian recipes and often paired with any other vegetable that you can imagine like cauliflower in aloo gobi or spinach or beans!. Saute for 7 to … Now add red chili powder, cumin powder and coriander powder. Then do follow and subscribe to us on youtube to get the latest Recipe Video updates. Happy Cooking. Learn how your comment data is processed. Then add the potatoes and peas and stir.