It saves you from reopening the drawing or recreating the view. The explode line sketch is a type of 3D sketch. Step 3: When the Hide/Show Annotations is active, the hidden dimensions appear in a gray colour. Instead of showing multiple views and angles, one view can be used to show all components. Show and Tell – Assembly Drawings Page 1 Creating an Exploded View To create an exploded view, open the assembly file and select Exploded View in the Assembly tab. Bring the Assembly into a New Drawing Now select File > Make Drawing from Assembly. Create new drawing file and create a view with the same exploded assembly into the drawing. This toggles the visibility of sketches, and if it is off, the Bend Lines sketch will be hidden; The second method I used was to expand out the Flat Pattern in the feature tree and find the sketch Bend-Lines2 (could be other numbers shown). Create a new view set to Shaded (no-edges) located at the same origin. Route Line PropertyManager You want to take notice that your drawing view border is smaller than the geometry in the view. You can edit an explode line sketch to add, delete, or change explode lines. This tool automatically adds explodes lines for each component within your exploded view. Display States are created added through the Configuration Manager tab, by right clicking, and choosing Add Display State. So if you would like to change the style of the balloons, change a setting in a new drawing, then save the drawing as a drawing template. Select the component(s) you would like to explode and drag them in the desired direction using the … A step by step example on how to create an exploded view using the Solidworks software. Now, clicking on any gray hidden dimension will display them in the drawing. This topic comes up from time to time on tech support where a customer would like to show a drawing view with some components shaded and some in hidden lines. Since that box typically indicates the calculated bounding box of the view, this means that what is shown (graphically) is not in sync with how SOLIDWORKS is internally calculating the boundary of that view. Exploding an assembly view in SolidWorks can make all the difference when trying to show every component involved in the making. Select your chosen drawing format from the list. Actually no, this is the exact process I go through - Create Exploded Assembly.ipn file with all tweak lines showing. Switch the drawing tree to layer tree and set the layer to the shaded view name. Displaying SOLIDWORKS Bend Lines. Not cool. At this stage, the mouse cursor shape will change to an eye with a cross line on it. Any ideas? A good way to accomplish this is to use Display States. If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. New to SOLIDWORKS 2018 is the Smart Explode Lines tool. See more at: Learn how to use Smart Explode lines, available in SOLIDWORKS 2018. Tweak lines show up and look great. Here’s what to do: Delete the View; Hit Undo (Ctrl-Z) The drawing view with all the lines should appear. I’ve seen it mostly happen on Large Assemblies in SolidWorks 2006 … I’ve always had this work. The first method I tried was to go to View > Sketches. Now your exploded view with the offset lines are saved & thus reflected in drawing as well. I have an exploded view of an assembly in a SW drawing. Once they have been added, you can make some modifications to these lines, as well as delete ones that you’d like to not be shown all before you even accept the command. Explode view - offset line After creating the offset lines in the model (VIEW-->EXPLODE-->OFFSET LINES-->CREATE), Click View manager icon or VIEW-->VIEW MANAGER--> select EXPLODE, (make sure the assembly is in exploded state), EDIT-->SAVE. I can't work out how to put them on a separate layer, or hide them in the detail view. The drawing template is the file that stores most of your preferences for a drawing. Display States in Your SOLIDWORKS Drawings . I've created a detail view of an area of this view, but can't work out how to hide the explode lines in the detail view. The sheet format is something different, it mainly stores the title block and the frame around the sheet. A well done exploded view will also help in the understanding of how the entire assembly fits together. You can use an explode line sketch to manually add an explode line to an exploded view. Adding Explode Lines. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Editing an Explode Line Sketch. This will open up a new drawing. CTRL+Q is a great suggestion. Open the drawing, place the view and edit the origin of the view (to some nice round number). Change the view display to No Hidden (this will trim the extension lines).
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