That rain cover keeps little ones super warm in cold weather (my toddler rips her hat and gloves off in 25 degree weather). This little power wagon is a great choice for a runner that also plans on other outdoor fun with their baby. Chcem vidieť celú ponuku » Buďte akční a praktickí. Thule Chariot Lite 1 & 2 C.20170201 51100482 - B. For a full review on the Infant Sling, check out our article Why the Thule Infant Sling is on My (Very) Short List of Must-have Baby Products. All Rights Reserved. With a 34″ inseam, my feet occasionally hit the trunk when walking with the stroller if it was not folded up, but it wasn’t a problem when running. (double)UV WINDOWS: Yes. However, the Cross handled it like a total champ and our 2-year-old thought it was the best thing ever. Vysoký komfort pre rodičov i deti. Also, because it’s removable, it could easily be lost or forgotten and may not be available if you need it unexpectedly. The small mesh area in the back of the seat is blocked slightly by the storage trunk. Za vyšší cenu dostanete nadstandardní porci muziky. Inside the trunk, there is one large storage space, a smaller interior pocket, and two inside loops meant for holding the jogger wheel arms. Inside the chassis, there are also small pockets on both sides for snacks and sippy cups that are accessible to your child. The main storage area is in the trunk which is separate from the body of the trailer and has an elastic cover. The advantage of this design is that when in use as a trailer, the stroller wheels actually store in the same holes, just upside down. I’ve just never found it necessary because the Cross’ standard position is already so comfortable for my toddler. ), Affiliate links are included in this review. Reclinable seats is the major difference that sets the Thule Cross apart from the Lite. So how does the new Chariot Cross compare with the older Chariot Cougar? When she's not testing bikes, Carrie's actually still testing bikes. Thule Chariot Cross … The seats don't recline (both the D'Lite X and the Cross have independently reclining seats, while the stand… No monetary compensation was provided for any of our reviews, however, in some cases product demos were provided to help facilitate reviews. Compared to the standard zip-down rain cover on most trailers, the Cross’ system is more challenging to put on. The 5-point-harness in the Cross is very easy to adjust and buckle, and the strap pads stay put where they belong – protecting little necks. The raised (curved) portion of the contoured handle also makes pushing the stroller or jogger much more comfortable for my wrists as compared to the standard flat handlebar. On the back of the trailer itself, there is a mesh pocket that is big enough to hold diapers, wipes, jackets, etc. Many trailers have a cut-out or other space to allow kids to wear a helmet without pushing their head forward. If you know that you need to haul a ton of stuff (for example, bikebacking or very long trips), you may want to consider a Burley trailer for its much larger cargo area. It’s easy to adjust by pushing the blue button on either side. The Chariot Lite is not as comfortable for passengers as the Cross, but it still offers a great ride. Even the rain cover and sunshade pull nice and tight so you’re always looking crisp and smooth, no matter the weather situation. Simply push the reclining button on the exterior of the trailer and gently pull back. I also regularly run in the rain because I know my child isn’t going to get wet… at all. Whether cycling, walking, jogging or skiing, this trailer does it all. In the odd event that you’re having a problem with the trailer tracking straight, a small blue adjustment knob on the left jogging arm allows for easy adjustment of the alignment. I’ve tested over a dozen trailers in the last year, and the Thule Cross is the easiest to load and unload your kids. View our Terms of Use. Performs phenomenally as trailer, jogger, or stroller, Loading and unloading kids is easier than any other trailer, Easy to switch between modes (trailer, stroller, jogger) – totally user-friendly, Exceptionally effective rain cover and sun shade. (single), 32 lb. Just keep it stored in the rear trunk of the trailer. The stroller wheels and the trailer arm can all be stored in or on the trailer without taking up any storage areas. All opinions and images are that of Two Wheeling Tots LLC. It’s important to note that in the Cross’ most upright position, a child is already in a relaxed, leaned back position. The feather-light, compact trailer arm slides easily into the wheel guard and locks in place. I’ve removed the pads on many trailers because they’re more of a pain than they’re worth, but in the Cross, the pads do their job without shifting around or getting in the way. Whether you’ll be using the Cross primarily as a trailer, jogger, stroller, or all three, this thing performs like a dream.
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