They are easy to install and maintain, operation is extremely easy, plants grow 2-3 times faster and a minimal effort is required as irrigation and illumination are usually set automatically. Living walls can be constructed in different ways and have different height, width and size. We’ll take all the plants, please. All bonsai tree species will be a good choice and you can complement them with mini-fountains and mini waterfalls, pebbles and rocks. Ferns, spatiflum and anthurium in different colors make beautiful compositions. Ponytail Palm (Beaucarnea recurvata) The ponytail palm is native to Eastern Mexico and despite its name, it’s not actually a true palm. Ficus Pumila, F. Lyrata, F. Elastica and F. Benjamina. MaximumYield explains Indoor Gardening Indoor gardening is a technique used to grow plants indoors. a. Maintenace is an issue and growing conditions, however, many are suited. Miniature gardens and terrariums provide many opportunities to spice up the interior, showing imagination and creativity and take advantage of the unique indoor garden design ideas featured in home interior magazines. There are literally dozens of indoor plants you can choose from. The fact that many herbs can be successfully grown in pots allows you to arrange a small or a large design indoors and enjoy their fresh green color and fine aroma. It is a shame to lose all your tender, outdoor garden plants each winter. 30+ TYPES OF INDOOR PLANTS - Online Shopping In India types of indoor plants like - home decor indoor plants,air purifying indoor plants - more then 30+ types. However, keep in mind that simplicity is an important feature of Zen gardens and the composition should contain a limited number of elements. Indoor garden in rustic style can be a real green oasis. Common and popular plants found inside many homes include the spider plant, aloe vera, peace lily, jade plant, weeping fig and plenty of others. They are the perfect choice for small spaces which you would like to decorate ornamental plants and an aromatic herb garden is exactly what you need! If natural light is limited, you will have to grow plant species that do not require an abundance of light. Japanese garden art is known for the geometric lines and minimalist look. With some fantasy and inspiration you can make a charming mini garden for your home, a masterpiece that will decorate your table, side table or window sill. When planning a mini indoor garden or a terrarium, you need to make sure that the air circulation is good, that the location of your mini garden will provide sufficient natural light to the plants and the temperature and moisture levels are optimal for the plants. Of course, each homeowner has his own preferences and some prefer to grow herbs or vegetables while others prefer a more decorative function but either way hydroponic systems provide a lot of options to those who choose the green living. Vertical Gardens. Many are actually warm weather perennials that will grow all year if brought indoors. Here are examples of both. The plants receive nourishment through mineral nutrients dissolved in water, instead of soil. Whether you plan a vertical garden, a living wall, a herb garden in the kitchen or a mini garden, proper preparation and the right choice of plants will guarantee that your plants will be thriving and you will enjoy your garden all year round. Calathea. These stunning plants are easy to care for and come in a wide range of green shades and variegation types. A huge advantage of hydroponic plant cultivation is that the gardens do not need any soils hence it is much less trouble.
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