KatinkaRose. As the name implies, the Rapala Saltwater Skitter Walk is designed for “walking the dog” and skittering the lure across the top of calm water. Rapala VMC Corporation President and CEO Jussi Ristimäki said that 13 Fishing's dynamic brand, leading-edge products and rapid growth make it the best partner in moving into the global rod and reel market. It's in the top 10 most versatile lures in the world Read more. We see them around but we don't know what goes on behind the scenes. During a frustrating Canadian fishing trip in the summer of 1959, Weber's fishing partner pulled out an unfamiliar lure and tied it on his line. We are happy to share with you our latest proven designs to catch more and bigger fish. In the late 1990’s, Rapala bought Storm lures (USA) and a Norwegian distribution company Elbe, established a distribution company in Japan and started to develop a manufacturing unit in Estonia. Rapala was overwhelmed: "There's so many of you and so few of us." The new lure line lacked the luster of the Rapala. Combined sales for Normark and its affiliated companies in Canada, Great Britain, Sweden, and Finland had hit the $40 million mark. A branch of Finland's largest bank was established in Rapala's home town, and the president of Finland honored Rapala for his contribution to the economy. The transaction is expected to be finalized by the end of the third quarter. "Suddenly, where there were no fish, there were fish galore," wrote Dupont. 13 Fishing's reputation, innovative products, and research and development capabilities will be a major asset to Rapala as it seeks to become a major global player in the rod and reel category. In 1960, Twin Cities fishing tackle representative Ron Weber ordered 500 lures from Lauri Rapala, a Finnish man who hand-carved lures from balsa wood. In 1965 the national trade magazine Sporting Goods Dealer named Normark Importer of the Year. Brand New. Details Rapala Jigging Raps swim in tantalizing circles right in the middle of suspended game fish. Ok1MoreCast. Once again capitalizing on their knowledge of fishing, in 1967 Weber and Ostrom brought out a fillet knife, one modeled after a well-worn butcher's knife. If your looking at selling your baits spend the extra $2 and your price will increase 3-4 times over a copy. Finns who immigrated to or were visiting the United States also helped to create a Rapala lure pipeline. The feat reflected the level of interdependence the two businesses had developed. The fishing tackle business was no exception. It was a period of widespread economic depression, and Rapala pieced together a living for his family by working as a lumberjack in the winter and a farm hand or commercial fisherman in the summer--hard work either way. Breaking from the traditional balsa wood lure, the first hard plastic Rapala was introduced in 1989. "When word spread among fishing tackle circles about the Shad Rap's ability to catch fish, as well as its unavailability, all hell broke loose," wrote Dupont. It is handy box. I have every size of this lure that rapala makes. Viper Custom Tackle provides you with the latest hand-crafted fishing technology. Normark's cross-country ski venture proved to be less successful. Lauri continued to be a stickler for accuracy: the action of each of the 1,000 lures they produced during the year was tested in a tank of water or in the lake. As the Rapalas tended to matters on their end, Weber convinced his friend and sporting goods storeowner Ray Ostrom to help distribute the lure. "13 Fishing has managed to become successful in the world's most competitive fishing tackle market in only a few years," Ristimäki said. Balsa is a renewable and bio-based raw material currently derived from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified sources, and is the primary material used in many Rapala lures. Weber and his new management team faced a number of challenges during the later half of the 1980s and into the early 1990s. I have many Rapala's lures too, and they are just so good! $15.80 shipping. Rapala to distribute 13 Fishing products internationally in new deal. After much trial and error, the undertaking finally paid off. Maakka. Ever mindful of their father's concern with accuracy, each new product, even just size variations of an established lure, faced rigorous design and manufacturing standards. A Life reporter, in the Twin Cities to cover the newly formed Minnesota Vikings, met Ostrom at a dinner party given by the outdoor editor for the Minneapolis Tribune. Unfortunately, a potential problem surfaced. Founded in 2012, 13 Fishing has evolved into a respected brand generating over $25 million in annual sales. 12 years ago. These lures are very popular for ice fishing. Normark, through its longtime ad agency Carmichael Lynch, executed an ad campaign which turned the weakness into a strength. The Rapala CountDown Elite 75 lure is also lead-free, and the swimming lip consists of cellulose- "A Lure the Fish Can't Pass Up," hit the news stands in an issue adorned by Marilyn Monroe, shortly after her death. The Rapala Jigging Rap Lure is irresistible to suspended game fish under the ice and in open water.This Rapala crankbait lure is designed to imitate a minnow in size, shape, and color. The period was also marked by the entry of a new generation of Rapalas into leadership positions. Initially named the Rapala Company, the part-time business operated out of Ostrom's store--the men renamed the company Nordic Enterprises before settling on Normark, or "north land," in 1965. Southern bass anglers, walleye, northern pike, and inshore saltwater anglers all took to the suspending jerkbait, according to Dupont, while the Wall Street Journal took note of its widespread success. “Lauri hand carved his lure from pine bark, wrapped it in chocolate candy bar tinfoil to add flash, and then melted photographic negatives for … When the Rapala Fish 'N Fillet Knife hit the market, it quickly became a popular item, producing more than 40 percent of Normark revenue for a time. Once the production problem was solved, Weber set his sight on growth. In 1970 Normark and Rapala Oy, the Rapala family company, introduced its first salt water lure, the Rapala Magnum. Ending Today at 6:28PM PST 1h 4m. Early Normark sales rep Bill Cullerton, Sr., said in Crafting of a Legend, "The timing was perfect. Weber and Ostrom could fill only a fraction of the three million requests. "It's as effective on Florida bass as it is on tarpon located along the west coast of Africa," he said in an early 1999 company news release. ", site: sports | ptype: stories | pageType: stories | Pre-Owned. By 1991 Normark had sold more than 150 million Rapala brand lures in the United States, and the offerings continued to grow during the first half of the decade. 6-keys: sports/wired2fish//// "Weber and Ostrom not only marketed and distributed Rapala lures, they astutely interpreted the needs of American anglers and communicated those needs to the Rapala brothers," wrote Dupont. Back in Finland, the lure vitalized the region. Keep your weight well away from the lure if using a sinker. Bass and walleye anglers loved the Rattlin' Rapala, and the way was paved for additional plastic offerings.
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